Amaru Spirit Research and Education

Lead by: Shelby Bertsch

Amaru Spirit Research and Education blossomed from the time Shelby Bertsch, a psychophysiological researcher, spent in Peru. She lived and worked at the holistic healing center Amaru Spirit in Iquitos, Peru. Shelby piloted a study to observe the healing - both mental and physical, found through practices with plant medicines.

The research conducted at the center observed details of participants mental and physical condition to further understand the connection between the body and mind. Through collecting individuals cortisol levels in accordance with cognitive measures such as stress levels and outlook, change overtime was observed; revealing a clearer picture of the healing properties of Ayahuasca and plant dietas. The research has been conducted to spread awareness of the medicinal value of the rainforest, to demonstrate how how the body and mind work in symbiosis with the natural world - to show the jungle's deep diversity of life must be valued and protected.

Currently, Shelby is traveling internationally to conferences and festivals to discuss the finding of the research completed at Amaru Spirit. Her desire is to education individuals interested in learning more about mental and physical health, how the mind and body communicate with one another to create consciousness. Shelby would like to educate people upon personal responsibility and teach these medicines can be tools of catalyst for inner growth and outward creativity.