Chakra Balancing Yoga Flow, Singing Bowls, Manifesting Circle


Lead by: John Tran and Saumii Manek, Co-Founders of YOUniverSOUL, festival based out of Houston, TX.

“We had a vision of you.  A vision of you finding yourself.  Finding yourself through a collective consciousness that is calling all of us.  Finding yourself right here in the heart of the city.” – John Tran

YOUniverSOUL is an organization that serves to collaborate with like-minded visionaries to create workshops and presentations of live interactive art, music, movement, and education.

Our mission is to awaken human nature and contribute to the overall health and happiness of our city. By encouraging unity through bringing together our strong and beloved communities to co-exist in the same space, we hope to inspire personal growth and a deep connection to humanity and earth.