Drum Circle Workshop

Lead by: Luke Magee

Bring your drum and bring your chair to this exclusive hand drumming work shop. We will be discovering new understandings of traditional and experimental rhythms. This will help you build confidence in your drumming at home and in drum circles. You will learn how to recognize the pulse of the drum jam and be able to develop muscle memory to becoming a better hand drummer. This is an open, humor driven learning experience for all stages of musicianship!

Get to know Luke:

Hand drums and drum circles have been around since before written history. Many of us are drawn to the simple yet powerful sounds that they create. The inter-weaving beats and poly rhythmic changes make our minds and bodies react in a magical way. This is usually expressed through dance or the spinning of fire. That energy builds and builds to create a powerful message of human expression. The message is a life force, a pulse thriving in the night and under the sun.

Luke has been drumming for as long as he can remember. From public schools, to high school drum line, to college jazz band, to local bands around Texas. It has always been a passion of his that he is always striving to understand better. That is why he wants to share his knowledge with those that need more direction and confidence in their hand drumming.