Sankalpa Shakti: Awaken your Power to Manifest the Life You Were Created For

Lead by: Amber Johnson E-RYT

Yoga Nidra, translated as yogic sleep, incorporates meditation on the breath, the balancing of emotional states, visualization, and selfhealing. During Yoga Nidra, we let our awareness wander through the whole body.

While doing so, we move through different stages of consciousness just as in sleep. We shift between the waking state, dream state, and finally to deep, dreamless sleep. It creates deep relaxation for health, mental peace, and higher awareness. 

Yoga Nidra is most often touted for it’s deep relaxation benefits, with 40 mins being as restful as 3 hours of sleep. However, when Yoga Nidra is paired with sankalpa, intention or resolve, we are able to move deeper into the practice awakening the power to remove deeply held false beliefs and opening the door to manifesting everything we wish to attain in this life.