Stream of Consciousness Workshop

Lead by: Allison Lindsey

A brief introduction to how our subconscious mind rules our behavior, notes on pioneering figures of stream of consciousness, how the style is a form of personal exploration that can lead to enlightenment & notable figures who have used it as a form of therapy. Each person at the workshop with get a pen & paper, one subject, and exercise stream of consciousness regarding that topic (i will also participate), later splitting off into groups where participants will read a random (anonymous) person’s work out loud, allowing different writers to explore the minds of others. Then we will share our work, and create a massive storyboard that includes all of our work put together- a mindful hivemind, if you will. Finally there will be one last subject, where students will write one sentence using stream of consciousness on a keepsake item (keychain, wristband, etc) and trade with other person. Ending in a moment of meditation & reflection on the subconscious mind.